The power of a green room

Throwback to when the dahlias were in full bloom and my bedroom was green..

There’s something so grounding about a green bedroom. Psychologically, it conveys harmony and peace, a place where you can feel safe, a space to recalibrate and to revive the soul.

A few green facts if you’re thinking about using it in your interiors:

  • It’s associated with nature and balance (it’s half-way between energising red and cooling blue)
  • It’s best for living rooms, bedrooms and spaces where you want relaxation and harmony
  • Too much can make people feel laid back and complacent so add in red or orange to counter this

Applied colour psychologist and colour expert Karen Haller says that when businesses use green in their interiors ‘you start to relax, feel most restful’ and like you’re back in nature. ‘It also symbolises eco-friendly, natural ingredients and being kind to the earth’ and is ideal for brands that want to show their natural side or to be seen as being green (read more from Karen here).

As I once told the girls from Topology:

‘Research shows that plants are great for our mental wellbeing. They lower levels of anxiety and raise job satisfaction. One study found that looking out onto greenery helped to improve concentration than view of manmade structures. Other research found that apartment blocks in Chicago that were surrounded by vegetation suffered half as many crimes as blocks with little or no greenery. We can’t all look out onto green spaces but we can put plants in our homes.’

Us humans need to clap eyes on green on a regular basis to feel grounded, whether it’s achieved with paint, plants or green clothing. How are you getting more green in your life today? 

Martha, The Colour File x

Paint: Pthalo green by @littlegreenepaintcompany


Published 9 May 2019

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