Why I love still life photography

Don’t you just LOVE still life?

Whether paintings, drawings or photography, there’s something about the act of capturing objects in their current state and keeping them there that feels a bit like magic.

While time ticks by with silent urgency and the force of life sucks us forever forward away from the past, these objects, these scenes that we’ve chosen, are kept forever in space and time, simply by capturing them in a moment. It’s like we’re tricking time (‘Ha ha! Got you!’). 

There are so many emotions that embed themselves in these scenes: past loves, past regrets, losses to be respected and blessings to be counted.

I guess that’s one of the reasons I love doing shelfies so much – it’s about their extrinsic beauty but it’s also about the wonderful stories contained within.

Martha, The Colour File x ❤️

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