My pink Art Deco inspired bathroom

I recently read that mint green is on its way back into our lives. I’ve been in love with mint for a while, on account of how well it goes with light pink. My love for the combination was crystallised on a visit to Miami in 2016 where Art Deco architecture reigns supreme and unsaturated sorbet colours dominate the colour palette.

It was this feeling that I borrowed from when I did up the Colour File bathroom in blush pink back in Spring 2017, bringing in a hint of mint with accessories including jugs, towels and shells.

Bathrooms are tricky because people fear that a bold statement here will put off buyers when they come to sell. But as far as I’m concerned, as you only live once, why not have the bathroom that your heart desires? Mine continues to give me such joy and that’s really all that counts.

Have a great day.

Martha, The Colour File x

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