The unexpected gift of friendship

Sometimes life gives you little unexpected gifts: tax rebates (rare), a good hair day (rarer), perhaps a broken-handled wabi-sabi mug of flowers left on a neighbour’s wall, imploring, “Take me.”

Another unexpected gift yesterday was a friend, in need – several times over, in fact (thank you @tiatalula and @cj_brough😘) Life isn’t always easy (same for you? Thought so), especially when it comes to trying to work out how to ‘do it all’, do this hustling thing, this ‘brave new world’ of earning a living whilst, in my case, doing the single-parent juggle.

And I do get ‘sit bolt upright in bed like I fell off a cliff in my dreams’ scared at times. So it’s at moments like that that I focus on everything that i HAVE, not the things that I don’t.

Unexpected flowers, wondrous friends and beautiful colours everywhere (along with a blast of First Aid Kit’s ‘My Silver Lining’): the ultimate care package for those life-wobbling, roller-coaster moments. How do YOU cope with scary times?

Martha, The Colour File x

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