The colours that cats see

Welcome to my world and the #storyofmyhome 

It’s the one where this glorious creature perpetually chases her brother round and round the tops of the sofas, like they’re competing for gold in an Olympic velodrome. They go so fast that often the first I know of it is when my hair is virtually blown horizontal by the force of the through-draft.

When they’re not racing they’re leaping, generally onto a sash window meeting rail to catch and eat flies (nice) and knocking off three plant pots (thank goodness for @ikeauk fake succulents) in the process.

I sometimes wonder if they even notice some of the obstacles they bowl over in their wake. Apparently cats see a limited range of colours compared to humans; they can’t detect red hues, just blues and greens (a bit like humans who are colourblind) although what they don’t see in colour they make up for in night vision and detection of movement.

Tell me: are there any animals that see colour like we do? I’m thinking of getting one as a mascot for Colour File HQ to give the kittens a run for their money…

Martha, The Colour File x

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