Where does ‘cushion’ come from?

I love words

I love that there are so many wonderful words to choose from when you’re musing over what to write. An abundance of words is like having the most comprehensive toolkit imaginable, with an implement for every tiny yet specific task.

Often when I find the ‘right’ word I feel an explosion of elation and joy. I also get that sensation when I learn where a word comes from (even the word etymology is beautiful), like today when I read up about the word ‘cushion’.

It comes from quishin, a 13th century Anglo-French word but even that probably came from the ‘Vulgar Latin’ coxinum (from coxa meaning ‘hip’ or ‘thigh’, presumably in a ‘plant your bum on here’ kind of way) or culcita meaning ‘mattress’. So much history in one small word.

Martha, The Colour File x

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