Stories about stairs

What sayings from your childhood have imprinted themselves indelibly on your brain?

My mum was the queen of phrases. Favourites included ‘Anyone can cope with the good times; it’s the bad ones that are the real test’ (true dat). She also repeated, on a daily basis, the phrase, ‘Never go upstairs empty-handed’ (a throwback from her nurse training days, possibly?)

Every time I go upstairs I think of her – especially if I’m not carrying something. You can’t see from this picture but on three consecutive stairs there are a) a pair of trainers, b) boxes of cold remedy and hayfever tablets en route to the bathroom and c) a bottle of conditioner just begging to be taken the heck upstairs (sorry, Mum – promise I’ll try harder x).

I love this oblique view of the stairs reflected in the hall mirror at Colour File HQ. Mirror pictures always make me think of the Arnolfini Portrait. However, it also serves the purpose of highlighting the fact that they need a bit of colour on them to match the rest of the place.

What do you think? Any thoughts on how they should be transformed? Maybe more embellishment would stop me parking stuff on them, too…

Martha, The Colour File x

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