Pink and yellow shelfie

Hello, my colour-loving friends

I adore pink and yellow together 🌸🌼💗💛 To me the combination conveys so much: softness and light, sweetness and courage, forgiveness and fortitude. The pairing is unassumingly charming yet also packs a punch, and I can’t get enough of it.

It’s these colours that frame a picture of second-in-command at a few months old, the very first time we heard him laugh (he had a tendency to be a serious, stoical kind of chap up until that point) and we happened to catch the delightful moment on camera.

Truly a moment of unfathomable love and pride (I feel that’s a pink and yellow emotion pairing, too).

I was given the gorgeous @anthropologie vase by my friend Jax for my 50th and it reminds me of a happy yellow and pink singing duck (I know, I need an early night, don’t I?). What are your thoughts on pink and yellow?

Martha, The Colour File?

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