Behind the scenes: a bit of insta-reality…

Here’s a tiny bit of Insta-reality: a bit of Colour File HQ that’s finished and a bit that’s most definitely not.

The purple wall, complete with three black @ikeaukpicture shelves, has been kicking around for a while and features in my book, Shelfie. One of my favourite pastimes is arranging and rearranging pictures and objects on the shelves, and currently it houses artwork, embroidered and cross-stitched pieces, brightly-covered books and a cluster of Christmas tree decorations (picture shelves aren’t just for pictures).

However, look to the right and you’ll see a space that’s very much work in progress: books in no particular order, belonging to SIC, and shelves that have yet to be primed and painted.

This is so often the reality of interiors: finished spaces nudging cheek by jowl with those that we haven’t got round to yet. I used to fret about these, now I just see them as representative of real life.

When you’re busy, something will always have to give, and that is ok. I’ll give these shelves some TLC soon enough. Just not right now…I’m on a plane and they couldn’t be further from my mind ✈️ ☀️

Martha, The Colour File x

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