How to photograph tricky spaces

Do you have a space in your home that you love but can’t seem to photograph right?

This little multicoloured scene, featuring a @primark.home shelf with @kcroxson tea towel against a @littlegreenepaintcompany Ultra Blue wall, is near my kitchen sink, nestling close to the long shelf that runs the length of the Colour File kitchen, way up high.

It looks so sweet, so innocent, so ‘go on – photograph me!’ So I do – or at least I TRY. But it turns out this is one heck of a crafty corner.

Straight on? Sideways? Portrait? I’ve tried them all and this is the best I could do.

What I learned from taking this photo (and other ‘strange space’ snaps) was this:

Get level with your objects

It sounds obvious but stand on steps if what you’re snapping is high up so you’re not shooting upwards.

Use LED box lights to illuminate

I loved the fact that the sunlight was blasting through the window in this picture – it makes it feel ‘real’ rather than super-staged.

However, if you want something softer and more even, invest in some LED box lighting (I got mine from Amazon and they weren’t expensive).

If life gives you lemons…

…or quirky corners, like this one, roll with it. Work with what might initially seem like obstacles and make them a feature of your photograph.


Photographic wizards out there – what are your tips for tricky corners? I’m all ears!! 👂👂

Martha, The Colour File x

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