How to buy art with your heart

A triptych by emerging artist Carys Ross in acrylic and oils

Just when you think you’ve seen all the beauty you can take…

My colour-loving friends, I want to share these with you. This stunning triptych is by Carys @caryss.rosss , the daughter of one of my Instafriends @andreacurtisdesigns I saw this artwork by Carys on Andrea’s stories and their beauty virtually winded me. ‘Are they for sale?!!’ I asked (Translated as ‘Pleeeeeeease say yes!!!’).

Yesterday, after they’d done their stint on the wall of her end of year @cardiff_arts_academy foundation course show they winged their way to Colour File HQ. I have to tell you they are just as stunning in the flesh and I’m looking forward to showing you them in situ very soon.

I love art. I don’t care where it originates – whether it’s expensive and created by a well-known name or is the vibrant, fresh work of a young artist.

The main thing to ask yourself before you take the plunge with a piece of artwork: ‘Have I fallen in love with it? Does it capture my heart?’ Well, this artwork does, in spades.

The colours, shapes, texture, composition. Carys says: ‘The context was all about the abstraction of colour and pattern, following on from more surface pattern work I had been doing and moving into a more free and abstract way of working.

The medium is acrylic paint and some oils.’ Sublime. And I’m lucky enough that I’ll now be able to look at them every single day.

Martha, The Colour File x

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