Colourful street art: why I love it

It’s that time of year I start to feel intense wanderlust

In my mind, i circumnavigate the globe and go to all manner of new destinations but in reality I frequently end up back in NYC.

The first time i went was in 1994, aged 25, and i remember seeing graffiti everywhere (it was a year before Mayor Guiliani had set up his Anti-Graffiti Task Force to get the whole thing under control) and being bowled over by it.

It’s definitely this immersive experience back in ‘94 that’s responsible for my love of graffiti and street art, including @oker_gsd @christianguemy@einesigns and @banksy

I’m happy to say you can still find street art in abundance in New York (this pic is from last year), which is why i need to head back there soon and probably will. Street art: friend or foe?

Martha, The Colour File x

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