Shelfie tips: Buy colourful vintage books

Recently, @_lisa_dawson_ showed us some vintage Penguin books that she’d bought. I actually squealed with joy when I saw them (they are particularly fine specimens, Lisa) because I think old Penguins are among the world’s most iconic colourful objects – and perfect for shelfies.

In my book, Shelfie, I say that beautiful books should be viewed as objects in the same way that any other items are, whether they’re vases, candlesticks or plants.

We’ll buy those for their looks so why not buy books for their beauty, too? In case you’re reeling with the shock of it all, I give you permission here and now to buy books for their covers and not feel guilty about it. After all, books are objects, too.

Besides, I came to the conclusion years ago that I’ll never be able to read all the books I ever feel I ought to therefore I may as well start buying them for their aesthetics instead. If I can’t read them, surely the next best thing is to admire them?

Martha, The Colour File x

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