My tattoo: What are you waiting for?

How has your week been? Have you completed everything you meant to? No? You’re not alone.

Apparently one in five people is a chronic procrastinator, and even if we don’t have it that bad, many of us are pretty skilled at putting things off (even though research shows procrastination is associated with higher levels of stress).

When I had my ‘What are you waiting for?’ tattoo done, it was for so many reasons, but mainly to constantly remind myself to seize the day, to reach for out-of-reach things (top shelves, big dreams, that sort of thing) and to generally stop farting around and get the heck on with it all.

Yesterday, at a summer event with @marthabrookldn and @teapigs I had the saying embossed on a notebook, too, so now I really have no more excuses. Now is the time.

Martha, The Colour File x

Notebook #gifted by @marthabrookldn



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