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Philippa Stanton: My colourful world

Philippa Stanton is a freelance artist, photographer and jigsaw puzzle producer, as well as being an Instagram phenomenon with almost 400k followers on her stunning and delightfully colourful @5finf account.  Here, synesthete Philippa tells The Colour File what colour means to her… My first colour memory This was a really difficult question for some reason! I […]

Jennie Maizels: My colourful world

Jennie Maizels is an artist, illustrator, university lecturer and creator of the highly acclaimed Sketchbook Club online. She is also queen of rainbows and colour wheels and has just launched her online Rainbow Shop where she showcases the work of colour-loving creatives from across the globe. Here, she tells The Colour File what colour means […]

Helen Gilbert, Luxe 39: My Colourful World

Helen Gilbert is the brains behind luxury velvet cushion company Luxe 39. Here, she tells us what colour means to her… My first colour memory My first colour memory is my childhood love of pink and purple. When I used to write my list for Santa it was always totally predictable: A pink or purple […]

British Colour Standard: My Colourful World

The British Colour Council set colour standards to help regulate official colour use across the British Empire, from flags through to post boxes. The collection was confined to history, until designers Jackie Piper and Victoria Whitbread breathed new life into it and turned it into a brand producing homewards from candles through to vases, mugs […]

10 books about colour

As a colour-lover, I’m often asked colour questions like, ‘What’s your favourite colour?’ The other one is, ‘What colourful books do you recommend?’ I often buy books, simply for their bright covers, but I’m also partial to a book where the actual subject is colour itself.  Here are The Colour File’s top 10 colourful tomes, […]

Quirk & Rescue’s Ms Pink: My Colourful World

From incredible wallpaper, cushions and prints through to bespoke hand-painted furniture, the signature prints of Ms. Pink and design partner Mr. Black – known collectively as Quirk & Rescue‘ – are bold colour heaven. Here, Ms. Pink tells me all about what colour means to her…and yes, there’s definitely some pink in there… Martha: Can […]

Colour guru Mark Wentworth: My Colourful World

Global colour ambassador Mark is the creator of The Colour Path and the Colour PsychoDynamic method, which integrate colour with Jungian theory to help individuals and businesses.  He tells The Colour File why colour is so important in his life… Martha: Can you describe your first colour memory? Mark: One Sunday morning when I was around five or six […]

Lisa Dawson: My Colourful World

Lisa Dawson is an interiors blogger, writer and presenter whose weekly blog inspires fans on Instagram and IRL (in real life) to transform their surroundings. With a background in fashion and homewards retail, Lisa writes a monthly column, Home Truths, for Real Homes magazine, has scooped several impressive awards and started a ‘thing’ when she co-founded #myhomevibe, […]