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The many colours of vintage Penguin books

Here are some pretty Penguins for your delectation… The colours add beauty to the tomes [...]

5 ways colour helped me cope with coronavirus lockdown

I don’t know about you but I couldn’t have done without colour during the various [...]

How to paint a mini-mural in 15 minutes

I love painting things. Every stage thrills me, starting from leafing through paint cards, comparing [...]

Stories about stairs

What sayings from your childhood have imprinted themselves indelibly on your brain? My mum was [...]

What colour is your house?

What colour is YOUR house? I’ve walked down this street soooo many times (on account [...]

The unexpected gift of friendship

Sometimes life gives you little unexpected gifts: tax rebates (rare), a good hair day (rarer), [...]

The colourful apple doesn’t fall far…

Good morning and welcome to a new week SIC breaks up tomorrow, which means the [...]

All-year round Christmas decorations

I’ve always loved party decorations When I was a kid and was tasked with licking [...]

Are you brave with colour?

I’m on a proper colour roll today… Here’s another close-up I took in my living [...]

Embrace the visual noise

‘Never work with animals and children’ That’s what W.C.Fields once famously said (second-in-command, aged 12, [...]