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How to photograph tricky spaces

Do you have a space in your home that you love but can’t seem to photograph right? This little multicoloured scene, featuring a @primark.home shelf with @kcroxson tea towel against a @littlegreenepaintcompany Ultra Blue wall, is near my kitchen sink, nestling close to the long shelf that runs the length of the Colour File kitchen, way […]

Shelfie tips: Buy colourful vintage books

Recently, @_lisa_dawson_ showed us some vintage Penguin books that she’d bought. I actually squealed with joy when I saw them (they are particularly fine specimens, Lisa) because I think old Penguins are among the world’s most iconic colourful objects – and perfect for shelfies. In my book, Shelfie, I say that beautiful books should be […]

Behind the scenes: a bit of insta-reality…

Here’s a tiny bit of Insta-reality: a bit of Colour File HQ that’s finished and a bit that’s most definitely not. The purple wall, complete with three black @ikeaukpicture shelves, has been kicking around for a while and features in my book, Shelfie. One of my favourite pastimes is arranging and rearranging pictures and objects […]

Pink and yellow shelfie

Hello, my colour-loving friends I adore pink and yellow together 🌸🌼💗💛 To me the combination conveys so much: softness and light, sweetness and courage, forgiveness and fortitude. The pairing is unassumingly charming yet also packs a punch, and I can’t get enough of it. It’s these colours that frame a picture of second-in-command at a […]