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Fluoro shelfie

Don’t you just LOVE a bit of fluoro? My first exposure to fluoro paint was [...]

Farrow & Ball St Giles Blue shelfie

Hello from #shelfieSunday I’ve got celestial sky blue on my mind (remembering last week’s ‘false [...]

27 February 19: ‘Shelfie’ in Grazia magazine

YAY!!! I’m sooo thrilled to be featured in @graziauk this week, chatting about shelfies and [...]

Shelfie with world’s worst and world’s best colours

Welcome to Friday, and it’s a day of wall-to-wall blue skies. As such, I’ve very [...]

Lisa James, design maven and first cousin

I’ve been thinking about whose design style inspires me. One of my earliest design influences [...]

Pink and orange shelfie

Ah, pink and orange. You make me so happy when you work and play together. [...]

Creating a shelfie with ‘hidden’ objects

Did you love hide and seek as a kid? As well as being great fun, [...]

Shelfie Sunday with Pascale Banks

For me, every day of the week is a shelfie kind of day (though the [...]

Shelfie tip: start with white props

Someone asked me the other day how to start a #shelfie styling project if you [...]

Green shelfie

This green shelfie is one of a series I did to show how different shelfie [...]