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7 December 17: The power of blue

Happy Thursday, folks. There’s nothing like studies and facts to make my day. I’m definitely more of a ‘fact is stranger than fiction’ kind of girl (an ex- one told me my tombstone will read ‘A study says’. I do hope so). Yesterday I read that the world’s favourite toothbrush colour is blue and that […]

27th September '17: Plastic treasures

Hello Colour Filers 🐙🌺🦊🦁🐥🐸🍀🦋👕👾☂️ As I first mentioned back in March, I’ve been a fan of art made from discarded plastic for some time but I’ve only just learned that ‘junk art’ (or ‘trash art’) is a recognised artistic movement (junk art was first coined as a phrase in the 1960s). I love the many […]

17th September '17: I ❤️ collectors

Happy Sunday, lovely people. I’ve always been fascinated by collectors: without enthusiasts, the world would be a less colourful and quirky place. One-third of UK adults engage in some form of collecting and, it transpires, we are often inspired by the random or the unexpected. Auctioneers Mallams say that 1960s-themed programmes such as Mad Men […]

11th September '17: Shelfie inspo

Hi colour-lovers 🦋🌼🐠 Someone recently asked me where I get the inspiration for my shelfscapes from. The answer is ‘Anywhere and everywhere.’ Sometimes it’s an event that prompts it (I composed a green one for St Patrick’s Day), sometimes it’s flowers or a new junk shop treasure that lead the way, but often it’s because […]