Hi, I’m Martha Roberts, journalist, mum, ardent second-hand rose and avid collector of colourful objects and images. I’m something of a colour magpie (or maybe a Satin Bowerbird, that quirky bird that collects blue objects to decorate its nest, only in my case a rainbow version…). This colour-craziness is why I started The Colour File.

The Colour File is a space for me to wax lyrical about colour in the form of daily colour stories. These vignettes consist of anecdotes, thoughts and facts, whether they’re to do with art, interiors, fashion, childhood or life events, or simply day-to-day life and observations.

I link these stories to photographs I snap and ‘shelfscapes’ (or ‘shelfies’) I create along the way. The hope is that the stories bring the pictures to life and vice-versa, but if you just want to look at the pics then that’s fine too. After all, a celebration of colour is what The Colour File is all about. Follow my daily colour stories here, on Instagram @the_colour_file and on my Facebook page

The Colour File – born from a life long love of colour, and its properties and uses. It is intended as a discussion point and place to aire my thoughts and ideas about how the colour that the world around us produces, enhances and enriches our lives every day.

© Martha Roberts, The Colour File™