Hi, I’m Martha Roberts: journalist, author & avid collector of colourful objects & images. The Colour File was born out of this colour-love.

I go around snapping photos of colourful things, whether they’re people, objects or places. I then match them up into quartets by colour, texture, form and sometimes theme.

Each one is accompanied by colour thoughts, facts or anecdotes, whether they’re to do with art, interiors, fashion, childhood or life events, or simply day-to-day life and observations. Sometimes I photograph a shelfie® I’ve created or pictures made of shards of plastic found on the beach or by the Thames (close to Colour File HQ).

The idea is that the stories and pictures work in harmony but if you’re more into images than words then that’s totally fine. My hope is that you’ll get something from The Colour File, however you’re using it, and increasing your awe and wonderment of colour in the process. Follow my daily colour stories here, on Instagram @the_colour_file and on my Facebook page

© Martha Roberts, The Colour File™