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Shelfie with world’s worst and world’s best colours

Welcome to Friday, and it’s a day of wall-to-wall blue skies. As such, I’ve very much got blue on my mind; the brightest celestial blue, like the colours in this shelfie. I did this last year to show the world’s favourite colour (blue) with the world’s worst (a khaki dubbed ‘death’) and I still love […]

The story of blue for boys & pink for girls

Welcome to Saturday, folks. One of the things I love about colour is how we come to recognise and define things by them (golden arches, purple chocolate wrappers, robin egg blue jewellery boxes). Our brains make such strong associations that colours frequently become short forms for pretty much everything: sensations, aspirations, even the mood of […]

The story of why Portuguese buildings are yellow and blue

When we were working on Shelfie back in deepest, darkest January, with short shooting days, the colours du jour were irrefutably pale pink, copper and a whisper of green. As we decided upon the blue and yellow cover, it felt like the antithesis to this: bright, bold and the very essence of sunny summers days […]

What is the Blue Mind effect?

I grew up near the River Thames and I live near it now, just a few miles from my childhood home. I’d often walk down to the river as a teenager and find the river a constant, calming yet energy-giving force: whatever’s happening in your life, the river keeps flowing as a reminder that life […]