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Pink and orange shelfie

Ah, pink and orange. You make me so happy when you work and play together. Pink and orange together are blazing sunsets, Dunkin’ Donuts and the 70s curtains in my childhood kitchen. They’re the coloured pencils I always want to draw with simultaneously when I see them together. To me they’re like brothers in arms […]

Creating a shelfie with ‘hidden’ objects

Did you love hide and seek as a kid? As well as being great fun, it’s helps little ones to understand the notion that things can still exist even if you can’t actually see them. I loved ‘hiding’ these crystals and rocks in front of these books; there yet not there, hiding in plain sight. […]

How do you organise your books?

I’m obsessed with how people organise their books. I ask pretty much everyone I come across, ‘What’s your system?’ I just came across a 2014 survey that asked people this very question. Joy of joys. Apparently, the main preference is by genre (37 per cent) followed by alphabetically by author, totally randomly then by size. […]

What colour were your favourite childhood books?

As I seem to spend so much time declaring my unabashed ardour for arranging coloured books on shelves (just LOOK at these with some of my marine plastic finds 😍) I decided I’d try to recall what some of my first colourful book memories were to see where it all began. Colourful book covers I […]

Encyclopedia of Rainbows author Julie Seabrook Ream: My Colourful World

American artist Julie Seabrook Ream is mad about colour. Unable to pick a favourite, she set about showing the world that there is multicoloured beauty in everyday objects, from breakfast cereal and cheese through to butterflies and books. Here, Julie, who lives in Ohio in the States and is the creator of the mind-blowingly stunning […]

18th April ’17: Muted rainbow

Happy Tuesday, folks ❤️🍊🌼🍀💎🌂🔮 If you’re battling to bagsy a seat on the bus to work after a long weekend, I feel your pain. To take the edge off it, here are some muted rainbow colours. They certainly give me that warm, fuzzy feeling and make things feel that little bit more bearable. The wallpaper […]