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Do women see more colours than men?

My mum once said she could never marry anyone who sings out of tune. I think my criteria would be someone who doesn’t get on with colour (that may well be a sackable offence in my world). I recently read a study that said that women are able to see more colours than men. Research […]

Memories of mixing school powder paint

When I was at primary school, if you were really well-behaved you got to mix the paints. They came in big silver cuboid tins and the teacher would go along with a spoon, levering the lids off, one by one. They were powder paints and the colours would virtually leap out of the cans as […]

Blue, green and yellow: the joy of analogous colours

What are your thoughts on analogous colours – clusters of colours next to each other on the colour wheel? I find the way they work together as a team deeply satisfying. It reminds me of when I see second-in-command with a couple of his good pals, having fun, thick as thieves, and bonded in friendship. […]