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Jennie Maizels: My colourful world

Jennie Maizels is an artist, illustrator, university lecturer and creator of the highly acclaimed Sketchbook Club online. She is also queen of rainbows and colour wheels and has just launched her online Rainbow Shop where she showcases the work of colour-loving creatives from across the globe. Here, she tells The Colour File what colour means […]

Colour guru Mark Wentworth: My Colourful World

Global colour ambassador Mark is the creator of The Colour Path and the Colour PsychoDynamic method, which integrate colour with Jungian theory to help individuals and businesses.  He tells The Colour File why colour is so important in his life… Martha: Can you describe your first colour memory? Mark: One Sunday morning when I was around five or six […]

What do you see first when you wake up?

Sending you happy vibes from a sunny Sunday ☀️☀️☀️ One of the first things I see when I wake up each day is this cluster of pictures above my bed. There’s a tiny vintage bag I bought in Peru and had framed, a mesmerising Welsh landscape by @paulwestart and a small but perfectly formed marine litter pic […]

The story of the colour, heliotrope

Are there any words you love and, conversely, any you don’t like? Apparently, the least favourite word in the UK is ‘moist’ (and in the States, too) with ‘Brexit’ coming in at fourth place. I’m not mad keen on beverage and platter (they make me visibly cringe) but love parsimonious and profligate. And today I’ve […]

Encyclopedia of Rainbows author Julie Seabrook Ream: My Colourful World

American artist Julie Seabrook Ream is mad about colour. Unable to pick a favourite, she set about showing the world that there is multicoloured beauty in everyday objects, from breakfast cereal and cheese through to butterflies and books. Here, Julie, who lives in Ohio in the States and is the creator of the mind-blowingly stunning […]

Colour expert Karen Haller: My Colourful World

Karen Haller is an Applied Colour Psychologist and a leading international authority in her field, specialising in business brand colour, interiors, healthcare and wellbeing. She is also the author of The Little Book of Colour. Here, Karen – who works with global brands including Farrow & Ball and Dulux – tells us what colour means to […]