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The story of colourful kantha quilts

I once read that creative people tend to prefer asymmetry (I’m all for buying odd numbers of things rather than even ones). This kantha quilt is perfection to me – an explosion of colours arranged in a random, asymmetrical pattern (seen here with my fantabulous @_kittyholmes_cushions, left and right 💚💙). Apparently, kantha quilts are traditionally made […]

The story of red and white candy canes

Do you put candy canes on your Christmas tree? I tried it once but realised it was a no-go when Harry our (now sadly departed) Norfolk Terrier chomped his way through a few, including the wrappers (this made a nice change from his usual snack, which was SIC’s Lego). The candy cane story is that […]

The story of the yellow smiley face

I often muse upon the whole ‘What did the first person to do X really think?’ thing. You know, the first person to discover fire, the first person to speak a primitive word, the first person to daub a smiley face on a cave wall. The yellow smiley face symbol is now ubiquitous, especially since […]

You magazine: The power of colour in my life

What does colour mean to you? Does it play a supporting role in your life or is it very much centre stage? As anyone who knows me or reads The Colour File will know, colour is an intrinsic part of my world in so many ways. In today’s @youmagsocial I talk about the significance of […]

A story about colourful phone directories

Has colour ever helped you to solve a problem or conundrum? As a trainee reporter, I was asked to find the phone number of a local headmistress for a comment on a story out of school hours. It was pre-Internet (just) so it was a case of using phone directories. For those of you who […]

The story of denim

How many facts do you look up each day? I’m not sure if counting will make me feel good or bad so I probably won’t audit it but I’m pretty certain we’re talking double figures (possibly even treble?…) Of course it didn’t always used to be that way. Pre-Internet and at times when I didn’t […]

The joy of putting things in colour order

I recently read that 40 per cent of millennials choose holiday destinations based on whether they’ll photograph well for instagram. I’m old enough to be a millennial’s mum but I am, it would seem, guilty of the same thing. With a precious week off coming up, my first thought was ‘Where can I go that […]