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Creating colourful art from ocean plastic

Today, 22 April, is World Earth Day. We should be thinking about our environment every day but our frenetic lives mean it can easily go to the bottom of the pile (generally under work projects, supervising homework and despairing of piles of washing that never seem to diminish). I’m as guilty as the next person […]

Pastels colour wheel

Good morning from Tuesday. Here’s the desaturated plastics pic I promised you. It’s a blend of pieces from Devon, Cornwall and London, and quite a few from France. Hope you enjoy the colours. Have a great day. Martha, The Colour File x 

Blue, green and yellow: the joy of analogous colours

What are your thoughts on analogous colours – clusters of colours next to each other on the colour wheel? I find the way they work together as a team deeply satisfying. It reminds me of when I see second-in-command with a couple of his good pals, having fun, thick as thieves, and bonded in friendship. […]