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5 ways colour helped me cope with coronavirus lockdown

I don’t know about you but I couldn’t have done without colour during the various coronavirus pandemic lockdowns. Here are just a handful of the ways in which colour has helped me cope with – and even embrace – the lockdown life… 1. Collaging The only collage I can ever remember doing was sticking pasta […]

How to buy art with your heart

A triptych by emerging artist Carys Ross in acrylic and oils

Just when you think you’ve seen all the beauty you can take… My colour-loving friends, I want to share these with you. This stunning triptych is by Carys @caryss.rosss , the daughter of one of my Instafriends @andreacurtisdesigns I saw this artwork by Carys on Andrea’s stories and their beauty virtually winded me. ‘Are they […]

Welsh colour names

When i was a little girl, my Mamgu (‘grandmother’ in Welsh) looked after me while my mum went to work. Her first language was Welsh so she taught me the odd phrase (including ‘shut the door’ because children are chiefly known for being born in barns). Most importantly she furnished me with Welsh colour names […]

Creating flat lays with Pantone postcards

OK, so it would seem I’ve discovered a new favourite colourful pastime (like I don’t have enough already): playing with @pantone postcards. I’ve been watching @tom.lowe doing it for a while now and am perpetually mesmerised by his style ingenuity (take a look at his feed if you haven’t yet discovered it. He even matches […]

Colour blocking with pink and mint green

Who loves colour-blocking? Regular readers of the Colour File will know much I love hiding same coloured objects against same so that they effectively disappear by hiding in plain sight. When I got the chance to raid the fashion cupboard at the @marksandspencer #highsummer19 event earlier today I was thrilled to discover colour blocking opportunities […]

Losing your mind to colour

Have you ever almost lost your mind over colour? This pic was one of the first I ever took for the Colour File in a store in Bordeaux. Before I realised that taking pics was a way of ‘having it all’, I’d genuinely struggle if I was faced with products in a range of colours […]

The secret lives of colourful pottery

Often happiness lies in the simplest things – like the unmatchy matchness of three little plants and the stories embedded in the scene. I love the vessels they’re sitting in – the Poole pots (they have lids – are they for honey or possibly jam?) and the little one in the middle, which really intrigues […]

The story of Staffordshire dogs

I love ceramic Staffordshire dogs. Dating back to the 1720s, there are all manner of stories relating to them. Apparently the delicate gold chains (like the one on my friend Sarah’s dogs, top left) were apparently painted by children as young as seven who were paid two shillings a week for their work (not great […]

Colour guru Mark Wentworth: My Colourful World

Global colour ambassador Mark is the creator of The Colour Path and the Colour PsychoDynamic method, which integrate colour with Jungian theory to help individuals and businesses.  He tells The Colour File why colour is so important in his life… Martha: Can you describe your first colour memory? Mark: One Sunday morning when I was around five or six […]

Where the idea for Shelfie book came from

Hello my colourful friends. Aren’t you glad it’s the weekend? Another throwback, this time to the early days of the Colour File, two years ago, back in the mists of time. This was before the idea for Shelfie ‘the book’ was even born. All I knew at that point was that I enjoyed faffing around […]