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The story of my pink bathroom

Do you have a favourite room in your home? I love my Angie pink living [...]

5 colourful holiday destinations

Someone recently asked me what my ideal holiday destination is. On a general level, the [...]

The Colours of poetry

Hands up who loves poetry? I have to confess, I don’t love it all. There [...]

The colour rules of Tiddlywinks

Anyone out there play tiddlywinks? Apparently its a highly competitive pursuit, thanks to a bunch [...]

Hair colourist Jack Howard: My Colourful World

Jack Howard is a global celebrity hair colourist based at Paul Edmonds London. He has [...]

Follower Interview: @theglassisartful

Artist & illustrator Antonia Woodgate, AKA @theglassisartful, studied fine art at college and is a [...]

27th April ’17: Pink & red

Happy Thursday, peeps 🌹💕🌹 OK, so I managed to go two measly days without showing [...]

26th April ’17: In love with white

Good afternoon, Colour Filers. Now, grab yourself a seat. Ok, are you sat down? I [...]

26th April ’17: Crazy about stitching

Happy Wednesday, lovely people. Unless you’ve been living on another planet (and even then you [...]

25th April ’17: Bright stripes

Happy Tuesday, Colour Filers. Well, I say ‘happy’, though my second-in-command isn’t best pleased to [...]