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How to paint a mini-mural in 15 minutes

I love painting things. Every stage thrills me, starting from leafing through paint cards, comparing shades and buying tester pots through to opening a 5 litre can of emulsion and marvelling (read ‘almost licking’) at the colour before I slap it on the wall. However, there’s one thing I’m not great at: prepping. I know […]

How to decorate with Dulux Spiced Honey…if you don’t like brown

A childhood of being dressed in ‘autumn’ colours and living in a beige-coloured house was enough to give me a lifetime-and-a-half of neutrals. But with Dulux recently announcing that Spiced Honey is its 2019 Colour of the Year, I’ve been wondering if it’s time to challenge my own prejudices… Why I don’t like brown interiors One […]