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Green shelfie

This green shelfie is one of a series I did to show how different shelfie colourways work on the same Made.com shelf unit. I wanted to show how one unit could be made to look different depending on the colours, shapes and backgrounds you use. Changing things up is fun – that’s how I see […]

A story of loss and love: green for Oscar

I always wear green for Oscar, my son’s twin brother, who died. It’s a colour tradition that happened largely by accident. I was still in hospital with prem Ezra and I asked his dad to grab whatever he could find from home for me to wear to Oscar’s funeral. The house was a chaotic bare […]

My love of Art Deco pthalo green

Do you ever fixate on a colour then discover it pops up in your life in all manner of ways? I’ve had a thing about Gen Z yellow, neon pink and celestial blue for some time now and, as such, Colour File HQ is peppered with objects in them, from posters with a pop of […]

Red and green

Here’s a dose of red and green, despite the popular saying that dictates they should never be seen together (Rules? What rules?). However, I’m not going to lie to you: green and I haven’t always got along. As a freckled, pigtailed, redheaded child (think Pippy Longstocking – see second pic…), it was assumed there were […]