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You magazine: The power of colour in my life

What does colour mean to you? Does it play a supporting role in your life or is it very much centre stage? As anyone who knows me or reads The Colour File will know, colour is an intrinsic part of my world in so many ways. In today’s @youmagsocial I talk about the significance of […]

The story of red clover bugs

On The Colour File a while back, I told you about the time my brother and I were made to whitewash a wall at the family farm in Wales as kids after I made him stand against it while he played ‘dodge the slime’ that I flung at him with a stick. Being in Wales […]

What’s your first colourful holiday memory?

Good morning, folks. Well, I’m three days in to my Porto colour holiday and I’m having a riot, so much so I’ve done something I’ve never done before and extended my trip for another night. When it comes to colourful experiences in Portugal, I get the feeling you always need one more day. The last […]