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How to ‘shelfie’ your way to mindfulness

Can creating ‘shelfies’ help as a form of mindful activity? Martha Roberts asks the experts… ‘You should try mindfulness and meditation’. I’ve lost count of the number of times people have said this to me. Suffering from anxiety with the occasional grey cloud of depression, they’re probably right. However, mindfulness doesn’t come easily to me. As […]

Colour for mental health

Colour is potent and powerful and has the ability to effect change in so many ways. At the London Design Biennale @somersethouse this is at the heart of several of the installations, including this mesmerising one by Dundee that I briefly mentioned the other day. Schpeel (by designers Malath Abbas and Tom deMajo of the Biome Collective) […]

Sea blue and green shelfie

What’s on your mind today? No, don’t tell me: it’s ‘When does term start and can I drop them off [four days] early?’ 😆 (Yeah, but you know you’ll miss them when they’re not around. This is one of the strange juxtapositions of parenting). I’ve really enjoyed the summer but like many parents (and single […]