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Creating colourful art from ocean plastic

Today, 22 April, is World Earth Day. We should be thinking about our environment every day but our frenetic lives mean it can easily go to the bottom of the pile (generally under work projects, supervising homework and despairing of piles of washing that never seem to diminish). I’m as guilty as the next person […]

Colour and disorder

I remember once learning about the law of entropy. It states that ‘all things tend towards disorder’, whether on an atomic level or a macro scale. This natural tendency towards disorder can be a massive pain (Has anyone seen my keys?) but it is always, I think, interesting. I’ve watched entropy act upon this pile […]

Pastels colour wheel

Good morning from Tuesday. Here’s the desaturated plastics pic I promised you. It’s a blend of pieces from Devon, Cornwall and London, and quite a few from France. Hope you enjoy the colours. Have a great day. Martha, The Colour File x 

Ocean and river plastic collage

Recently, I’ve been creating a series of Thames plastic collages, set against different coloured backgrounds. In a slightly obsessional curatorly fashion, I’ve enjoyed keeping the Thames batch separate from my other plastic litter hauls to give them a chance to sing on their own. There’s been a sense of self-containedness that I’ve loved from working […]