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The psychology of pink

One of the things I’ve learned is that colour isn’t just something we see: the moment it seeps into our eyes it has the power to influence us in a myriad ways. Each month I’ll be taking a colour and investigating how colour makes us think, act and feel – and challenging you to integrate it […]

The story of my pink bathroom

Do you have a favourite room in your home? I love my Angie pink living room and, as a recent convert to Spiced Honey, my tan bedroom is now in my top three. But I think it’s still my bathroom that commands the number one spot. I chose these pink bistro tiles almost two years […]

The story of magenta

I love magenta. Named after a battle between the French and Austrians in Lombardy, this colour that is 50:50 purple and red took the art world by storm with its purplish charisma when it was discovered in the late 1800s. Magenta – an aniline dye made and patented in 1859 – was originally named ‘fuchsine’ […]

The story of blue for boys & pink for girls

Welcome to Saturday, folks. One of the things I love about colour is how we come to recognise and define things by them (golden arches, purple chocolate wrappers, robin egg blue jewellery boxes). Our brains make such strong associations that colours frequently become short forms for pretty much everything: sensations, aspirations, even the mood of […]