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Blue & white azulejo tiles

One of my favourite colourful things about Porto is the traditional azulejo tiles. There are buildings where lore and legend are played out on entire walls thanks to these little painted squares (like the outside of this church, top right, and the inside of Sao Bento station in central Porto). Absolutely gorgeous. My friend Fi @alentejowine and […]

The story of Porto’s colourful swallows

In Porto I saw ceramic birds for sale at every turn. I was told they first came about in 1891 when artist Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro decided to produce a set of ceramic pieces that looked like swallows and put them on the outside of a building. They soon became part of the culture, symbolising values […]

What’s your first colourful holiday memory?

Good morning, folks. Well, I’m three days in to my Porto colour holiday and I’m having a riot, so much so I’ve done something I’ve never done before and extended my trip for another night. When it comes to colourful experiences in Portugal, I get the feeling you always need one more day. The last […]