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The story behind my purple tattoo

Do you have a tattoo? I never used to see myself as a tattoo kind of gal. This was mainly because I’d written several articles for national newspapers about how people often regret having them done. Not only that but even lasers can’t completely remove the evidence if you change your mind – and certain colours […]

The story of magenta

I love magenta. Named after a battle between the French and Austrians in Lombardy, this colour that is 50:50 purple and red took the art world by storm with its purplish charisma when it was discovered in the late 1800s. Magenta – an aniline dye made and patented in 1859 – was originally named ‘fuchsine’ […]

Cafe Nerro indigo

Do you ever come across a colour that makes you think, ‘I need to see more of that!’? I think it when I go into @cafe.nero and pick up one of their insanely, beautifully blue takeaway cups – a blue that’s in between blue and indigo and one I’ve never seen anywhere else. There’s something […]