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Blue and white imperfect/wabi sabi shelfie

There’s something about imperfection that I profoundly love. It’s an aesthetic thing – there’s something that makes the world feel right when things are materially ‘wrong’ (I talk about this love of imperfection or ‘wabi sabi’ in my book, Shelfie). But there’s more to it than that. I think it’s partly borne out of the […]

The shelfie props I take on holiday

What’s the strangest item you’ve ever taken on holiday with you? Whatever it is, I bet I can totally out-strange you. Before I go away, I often pack some favourite colourful shelfie objects to take with me, namely: ✅ Vintage Penguin books ✅ Vintage cotton reels ✅ Multicoloured ocean/marine plastic I mean, perish the thought […]

Shelfie with vintage blue glass bottles

When I see coloured glass medicine bottles, I remember those times when I was a kid and went to the chemist with my district nurse mum to fetch some strange tonic or medicine for a patient. I guess that’s where my peculiar nostalgia for glass bottles comes from. You probably won’t be surprised to hear […]

Shelfie book in Stella magazine

It’s only four days until Shelfie is in the shops and today it’s getting an airing in The Sunday Telegraph’s fantabulous Stella magazine @stella_telegraph I’m so thrilled that you’re finally getting to see some snippets of the book that my team and I worked so hard on (Turn a book around in a matter of […]