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3 steps to creating a blue M&S shelfie

Hello and welcome to a new week Recently, I suggested a challenge to @marksandspencerhomepr – to show people how M&S homewares could be combined with vintage and found objects that you already own to produce eclectic, contemporary shefies. Shelf styling is that it can be daunting, especially if you think that a good shelfie means spending […]

Organising and tidying using colour order

I’m working on a project that’s making me really think about how we organise our stuff. Apparently, us human beings love organising things. In fact, 80 per cent of us find tidying and organising relaxing rather than a chore. Yup. When I read this I thought, ‘I guess I’m an organisational maverick [read ‘please don’t […]

Shelf styling with a white wall

When I started doing Shelfies at Colour File HQ around 18 months ago, I began with what I playfully dubbed my ‘shelfie noir’ series. The black @farrowandball background behind most of my shelves makes the perfect backdrop for colourful Shelfies. Recently, however, I have found myself hankering after the calming effect of a white Shelfie wall. Multicoloured […]

The shelfie props I take on holiday

What’s the strangest item you’ve ever taken on holiday with you? Whatever it is, I bet I can totally out-strange you. Before I go away, I often pack some favourite colourful shelfie objects to take with me, namely: ✅ Vintage Penguin books ✅ Vintage cotton reels ✅ Multicoloured ocean/marine plastic I mean, perish the thought […]