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The many colours of vintage Penguin books

Vintage Penguin books come in a number of colours, each of which denotes a particular genre.

Here are some pretty Penguins for your delectation… The colours add beauty to the tomes and you’ll often see them on social media interiors accounts, whether in clusters of orange and blue or the whole range from red through to purple and cerise. However, the colours weren’t primarily introduced to look pretty but rather they […]

6 colour block shelf styling tips

A mint green coloured shelf unit displaying books, curios and other objects in colour blocks.

Since arranging the pastels shelfie that you all seemed to love so much, it’s remained intact on my mint green String Pocket unit, like an altar to unsaturated gloriousness. Tonight, i got a major shelfie bee in my bonnet and decided it was time to mix it up with some brights, like the red Spiderman […]

Talking shelfies on BBC R4’s You and Yours

Back in 2019 I appeared on You & Yours on @bbcradio4 talking about shelves and shelfies with Melanie Abbott. I said that I often see the objects I work with as animate and regularly see them communing or conversing in some way. I mentioned some glassware I’d previously worked with so I thought I’d repost […]

3 steps to creating a blue M&S shelfie

Hello and welcome to a new week Recently, I suggested a challenge to @marksandspencerhomepr – to show people how M&S homewares could be combined with vintage and found objects that you already own to produce eclectic, contemporary shefies. Shelf styling is that it can be daunting, especially if you think that a good shelfie means spending […]

Pink and orange shelfie

Ah, pink and orange. You make me so happy when you work and play together. Pink and orange together are blazing sunsets, Dunkin’ Donuts and the 70s curtains in my childhood kitchen. They’re the coloured pencils I always want to draw with simultaneously when I see them together. To me they’re like brothers in arms […]

Creating a shelfie with ‘hidden’ objects

Did you love hide and seek as a kid? As well as being great fun, it’s helps little ones to understand the notion that things can still exist even if you can’t actually see them. I loved ‘hiding’ these crystals and rocks in front of these books; there yet not there, hiding in plain sight. […]

Shelfie Sunday with Pascale Banks

For me, every day of the week is a shelfie kind of day (though the alliteration afforded by Saturday and Sunday adds to the geeky linguistic pleasure of a weekend styling session). Today my model for Shelfie, the book, is my gorgeous pal Pascale Banks (who, for those of you who don’t know, I met […]

Shelfie tip: start with white props

Someone asked me the other day how to start a #shelfie styling project if you have no idea where to begin. An empty shelf can represent great opportunity and potential but I also know it can be quite daunting. My advice? Start to gather a simple white collection. That way you can curate objects you […]

Shelfie tip: ‘same on same’ colour

One of my favourite interiors techniques is putting ‘same against same’ colours on  my shelfies. In fact, I talk about it in ‘Shelfie’ in the chapter on ‘Colour’. It makes me think of ha-has, used in gardens as a device to build a wall without it being seen (it was put in a ditch so […]

How to ‘shelfie’ your way to mindfulness

Can creating ‘shelfies’ help as a form of mindful activity? Martha Roberts asks the experts… ‘You should try mindfulness and meditation’. I’ve lost count of the number of times people have said this to me. Suffering from anxiety with the occasional grey cloud of depression, they’re probably right. However, mindfulness doesn’t come easily to me. As […]