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Creating a Pure PR Shelfie

Yesterday, I spent the day what I love doing most: shelfies. As part of their [...]

Yellow shelfie – and yellow love

Ah, yellow! How I love you! But we both know it hasn’t always been that [...]

Blue and white imperfect/wabi sabi shelfie

There’s something about imperfection that I profoundly love. It’s an aesthetic thing – there’s something [...]

Playing with a rainbow shelfie

I keep thinking of the perfect book-lined room in Aberporth, mid Wales, where I’ve stayed [...]

What colour were your favourite childhood books?

As I seem to spend so much time declaring my unabashed ardour for arranging coloured [...]

The shelfie props I take on holiday

What’s the strangest item you’ve ever taken on holiday with you? Whatever it is, I [...]

Shelfie with vintage blue glass bottles

When I see coloured glass medicine bottles, I remember those times when I was a [...]

Shelfie book in Stella magazine

It’s only four days until Shelfie is in the shops and today it’s getting an [...]