Need help with your shelfies?

Have you tried styling your shelves but can’t quite achieve the look you’d like? I think shelfiers’ block is a bit like writers’ block: a daunting place to be. But it needn’t be this way. I’ll show you how with a shelfie styling session. 

I am passionate about shelfies (hence why I wrote my book, Shelfie) and I believe that good shelfie styling can not only help to improve your home environment, whatever space you’re working with, but is also the chance to be mindful, creative and have fun.

Come to one of my shelfie styling workshops and learn how to put my ‘Shelfie secrets’ into practice, including how to:

  • Use colour in clever ways
  • Curate the perfect ‘shelfie capsule wardrobe’
  • Use your shelfie space to tell a story about things that matter to you

You’ll get the chance to work with contemporary and vintage objects – as well as some of your own that you might like to bring to the mix – to create different shelfie configurations and styles. After one of my sessions, you need never experience ‘shelfie anxiety’ again!

My shelfie styling workshops are fun, informative and will give you the know-how and confidence to do shelfies wherever you need to, from living rooms and bathrooms through to kids’ spaces and even in the workplace.

Whether you want to join one of my taster workshops, a day workshop or even discuss a private shelfie workshop event or session, I’d be thrilled to chat to you about it. I’m all about spreading shelfie joy!

To find out more, contact me via my contact page