18 July 18: Fixated on green

Hello, folks.

Do you ever fixate on a colour then discover it pops up in your life in all manner of ways? I’ve had a thing about Gen Z yellow, neon pink and celestial blue for some time now and, as such, Colour File HQ is peppered with objects in them, from posters with a pop of yellow and rugs with neon woven into them through to milky-blue opaque medicine bottles. My latest fave is this verging-on-minty, Art Deco-esque green. It is so punchy, so positive, that when I see it I feel that no mountain – physical or metaphorical – could ever be too steep to climb. I recently painted my front door in it in the form of @duluxuk Forest Falls (here, looking super-bright in the sunshine) which means I get an injection of dizzying colour excitement every time I cross the threshold of Colour File HQ. Not long after painting it, I met the fabulous Zoe Anderson, owner of the swoonably wondrous @w.a.greenlondon on the night she hosted Emily’s @pinkhouseliving @sofasandstuff exciting collaboration event, and I couldn’t help dashing over to her to say, ‘I love your logo! It’s the same colour as my front door!!!’ [Cue me, a gushing colour randomer, showing her a door pic on my phone. She was delightfully lovely about it]. Not only that, but Emily herself was dressed in green, plus various of her party guests including @thisstyle_rocks @2lgstudio and @woodyjen That was a superlative green (and pink, naturally) night. Last weekend I found this @minimum_fashion top in the same green. Joy of joys. And as a fan of ‘same against same’ colour themes, I’ve taken great amusement and joy from standing in front of it, chameleon-like, for a fully immersive green experience. And I get the feeling I’m not done yet – I feel a green shelfie coming on………

Martha, The Colour File x

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