5th July ’17: Wobblephobia tales

Happy Hump Day, folks.
As a journalist who writes about health and wellbeing, I’ve always been fascinated by phobias (it’s estimated 10 million UK people have them). I once interviewed a woman whose wasp phobia was so bad, she jumped, fully-clothed, into a pool when one landed on her drinks can. A former colleague who had a button phobia said she’d run in the other direction screaming if she encountered a Pearly King, and she only ever bought her kids clothes with Velcro. Then there’s the weirdest one I’ve encountered: my ‘wobble’ phobia that has no rhyme or reason. If something wobbles (not jelly but a dropped coin coming to rest, say) I HAVE to make it stop. I did a cookery class last year and had no idea until then how hazardous kitchens are to wobblephobes like me: quivering ladles, dropped pan lids, utensils on hooks, mugs on a mug tree. Honestly, I was a bag of nerves by the end. What are your phobias? Come on – spill the beans…

Martha, The Colour File x

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